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How To Verify Gmail Account With Easy Steps

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Gmail is a widely used free online email service which also adds features like emailing, G-Plus, voice calling, video calling with all other email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird etc. and also because of its high quality services and user friendly platform with features like blogging, smart contacts, phone support for Gmail and IMAP & POP configuration on email client and many other features. Gmail which is a product of Google has made many revolutionary concepts for making the email safe as well as user friendly. But some time user having an issue to Verification Gmail Account in such case user seeking an expert.

Verification Gmail Account

Can you imagine how much data someone could steal if they hacked into your Gmail account? Better that you don’t find out. Rather than leaving your emails exposed, take these hasty and cool steps to safeguard your account right now.Do you want to do the Verification Gmail account, Don’t panic we are here to provide you some easy steps to verify your Gmail account , So you can enjoy free emailing experience with Gmail. Kindly follow these steps to verify your Gmail account:

  • Sign in to My Account
  • In the “Sign-in & security section,” select Signing in to Google
  • Choose 2-Step Verification.
  • Next to the 2-step verification number you’d like to change, select Edit
  • In the bottom of the window that appears, select Change Phone
  • Next to, “How do you want to get codes?,” select the option you’d like
  • Select Try it.

Also do the following things to save your Gmail account from theft and hacking before doing the Verification Gmail account:

  • Access your security settings. Go to Gmail dashboard, tap on your profile pic at the right of the screen, then select My Account to get to your dashboard. Under Sign-In & Security, click on Signing in to Google.
  • Set a new strong password. You absolutely do NOT want a weak password for your Gmail account. Check out these common password mistakes and make sure you avoid all of them. Instead, create an unbreakable password. You may try Gmail password recovery option if you by chance forget your password.

Even if the Verification Gmail account is very easy to learn and easier to use, If you have got any issues, please contact the Gmail customer Service number service team who are eagerly waiting for it. The service is open 24*7 hours and will provide you the best gmail help by expert operator.